Monday, October 17, 2011

Dolphin Of The Week!

If you hit up any movie theater this month, or if you opened any paper or talked to any true film aficionado, then you know one thing for certain: Dolphins have taken the film world by storm. And I'm not just talking about any dolphin either, I'm talking about "Winter", the real-life bottlenosed Dolphin on whom the movie "Dolphin Tales", starring Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick Jr., is based. This heart-warming story of a young Dolphin who faces the life-threatening challenge of irreperable tail damage, has swum it's way into the hearts of millions of Americans. If you have not yet seen this movie, close your computer and go to the nearest theater immediately. It's just delightful. It goes without saying that this week, our dolphin of the week is Winter, the half-tailed but doubly-hearted Dolphin. A round of applause and a hearty "mazel tov" to Winter our Dolphin of the Week!!

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  1. My favorite dolphin is the one i met on vacation with my family when i was 12. We swam with dolphins in the pool and I really felt a connection with one, but I forget his name. I think I have a picture of him somewhere.